Blogystyle is A Blog for Embroidery Design File Enthusiasts

11 Des 2021

If you have a portable embroidery machine and like to create various embroidery designs, please visit my new blog, BLOGYSTYLE.com. You can freely download the embroidery design file that we have created, in an easy and free way. You can use it for your various creative works at home, such as: making tote bags, bucket hats, embroidering decorations on t-shirts, and so on.

Blogystyle is A Blog for Embroidery Design File Enthusiasts

Craft products using embroidery designs from us are free for your own use or for commercial purposes. No permission required. However, you are not allowed to sell files digitally in any format.
Not all owners of portable embroidery machines can make their own embroidery designs. Sometimes they just use the default embroidery design images from the tools they bought. You might think that taking pictures from the internet is very easy and then converting them into an embroidery file format using software like Wilcom or Tajima. However, you should also consider that some design images uploaded to the internet are copyrighted.

At Blogystyle.com you are free to use the embroidery design files that we have uploaded. Some design files use images of our own creation, and maybe some of them are images downloaded from the internet that we have converted to embroidery file format. However, we are quite careful when converting images to embroidery file format. We adjust the color order, distance between stitch density and needle jump length, so that your drinking embroidery machine can run smoothly.
We provide embroidery design files in a variety of formats, so they can be used on a variety of portable embroidery machines.

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