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The Guardian of Javanese Culture

Nama-nama prajurit keraton Kasultanan Yogyakarta. Artikel ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris.

This article is about the profile of the warriors guard Javanese culture. Formerly they were formidable warriors in every battle. Since Jogjakarta integrate with Indonesia, the warrior no longer used for war. They function more as conservationists Javanese culture and tradition are at the center of the Palace of Jogjakarta and Surakarta Royal Palace. Their pearade always awaited Community and tourists who visiting the city of Jogjakarta. Their appearance are very interesting even though their age were old. These are 10 (at currently) profiles unity of warriors of the Sultan Palace

1. Wirobrojo

Red clothing with a hat shaped like a chili, these soldiers also called 'Lombok Abang' because the costumes are much like red chili. Their flag named 'Gula Kelapa' with banners called 'Kyai Slamet' and 'Kyai Santri'. In the past while war, the soldiers were always there on the front lines, until now when held a parade, soldiers are always in the front rows. 'Wirobrojo' Knights consists of two armed groups, some carrying rifles and some carrying long spears. Music that accompanies the soldiers is named 'Dhayungan' and 'Rotodedali'.
My uncle is one of the leaders. He was in front of line of Wirobrojo Knights. I'm very proud of him!

2. Dhaeng

The Dhaeng Knights come from Gowa in Celebes, these soldiers dressed in white with red stripe pants and use a hat 'Mancungan' (shaped like a ship) with a garnish of white fur on it. Their flag named 'Bahning Sari' with banners called 'Kanjeng Kyai Jatimulyo' or 'Doyok', soldiers are accompanied by a 'Pandega' (assistant captain). They were carrying swords and rifles. Music that accompanies named 'Kenobo' and 'Ondal-Andil'.

3. Bugis

Buginese soldiers come from Celebes, wearing black slacks and loafers, with black long sleeves, wear a belt 'Cinde' out clothes with a 'keris' (dagger) slipped in front. The soldiers were assigned as bodyguards of 'Pepatih' Sultan (sort of prime minister), armed with a spear with a flag of a black base color with yellow circle called 'Wulandadari' (full moon).


'Patangpuluh' Soldiers dressed in typical striated with black hat shaped like a bundle, and use loafers. Flag of the unity is black base color with a red star image, named 'Cokrogura' with a banner called 'Kanjeng Kyai Trisula'. These soldiers armed with rifles and long spears. Formerly Patangpuluh Soldiers were war knights and headquartered in the west of the fortress palace, now called the 'Patangpuluhan' village.

5. Mantrijero and Langenastra

Mantrijero Knights (soldiers who guard the inside of the palace), wearing clothing typical striated 'Mantrijero', using black loafers, a typical hat 'Menak Jinggo'. The soldiers formerly served as Judge at the court and served as the guardian of the Emperor when sitting on a throne at the time of King or Prince coronation. Flag of the black base color with white dots in the middle called 'Purnomosidi' (full moon) with a banner called 'Kanjeng Kyai Chakra'. Langenastra soldiers armed with spears dressed the same as wearing Mantrijero Soldiers, but they wear 'sumping' ears for accessorizes, such these unity join together with Langenastra Knights because they don't have a flag.

6. Surokarso

Surokarso warriors wear uniform white bone and batik cloth with a form of "Supit Urang". They wear a hat typical Java called 'Blangkon' or 'Udeng'. The weapon is the spear, basic colored light green flag with a yellow circle in the middle is called 'Pare Anom'. Their banner called 'Banyak Angrem' or a swan which is brood. This motif was designed by King Jogja IX. The soldiers were on duty guarding the Crown Prince.


Prawirotomo warriors dressed in black and wear a black a hat-shaped shells, and using boots. Formerly, this amounting a thousand warrior from the army of the Sultan of Mataram which helps the struggle against Dutch colonialism.

Prawirotomo warriors armed with rifle fire and some carrying long spears. Flag of the unity have base color black with colored dots in the middle of the red, the flag was called the Bull of the palace. 'Dwaja' (banner) is called 'Kanjeng Kyai Trisula Soka branch'. The Union warriors were placed south of Fort Palace at the past, and now this village called Prawirotaman village. In Prawirotaman village there are many homstays for tourists with cheap hotel rates.


Warriors dressed Lurik with typical motif Jogokaryo, a hat-shaped 'Tempelangan' (a form of Javanese food package), with boots. Flag warrior Jogokaryo named 'Papasan', the base color darkpink and green dot in the middle, with Dwaja (banners) named 'Kanjeng Kyai Trisula'. Formerly Jogokaryo as warrior placed on the south of fortress palace and now called Jogokaryan village.

9. Ketanggung

Ketanggung warriors using typical 'Lurik Ketanggung', a hat ornaments 'Mancungan' with black feathers. The warrior Formerly served as a prosecutor at the Palace and served as a bodyguard during Sultan has a visiting out. Base color black flag with a white star which eight-pointed at center as decorating is called 'Cokroswandono' with 'Dwaja' (banner) named 'Kanjeng Kyai Nenggola'. Their armeds are long-barreled rifles with bayonets and partially carrying long spears.

10. Nyutro

Nyutro Knights consists of two unity that are Red Nyutro and Black Nyutro. Red Nyutro wear a red pants 3 / 4 and blue seam on the outside, yellow long-sleeved clothing and a red vest on the outside. They wear red hat named 'Kuluk' (hat-shaped cylinder) with ornaments 'Sumping' (ornament ear-like earrings). Flag named 'Podang Ngisep Sari' with Dwaja (banner) 'Kanjeng Kyai Trisula'.

Black Nyutro dressed as Red Nyutro only red color replaced with black. Flag Unity yellow base color with black dot in the middle named 'Padmo Sri Kresno' with Dwaja (banner) named 'Kanjeng Kyai Truisula'. Nyutro knights armeds with rifle fires.
In unity of Nyutro Knights there a unity with the same outfit wearing a headband round with flowers decoration. Their weapons shields and spears. Because it does not have a flag of unity then in combination with Nyutro Knights. The unity called 'Miji Sumahatmaja'. Soldiers have duty as escort when Sultan has a Coronation Ceremony. So Nyutro Knights not assigned to war.
Formerly the unity of Nyutro Knights are dancers, so for people who want to join should be able to dance. Nyutro Knights in place in the east of the Palace and is now called the village Nyutran (near house of author).

Notes from the Author;
  • Only at certain ceremonies of the soldiers wear uniforms and do the parade units. 
  • If you want to be a member of the warrior, it took many years to get permission to join since the first time you register. Thousands of people queued to join! 
  • The above article as well as the correction of many errors in other articles, especially errors in the places of reference where the knight based earlier and profile knight.