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Bakul Dawet (WH-094-ET)

Bakul Dawet (WH-094-ET)

lukis bordir etnik bakul dawet 01

Sold! Code: WH-094-ET. Diameter: 24cm (9.5"). Price: 250K IDR + Postage. Material: Embroidery on canvas.

      Membuat lukisan bordir yang menceritakan masa kecil yang indah adalah hal yang sangat saya sukai. Teringat dulu suka membeli es dawet pikul di pasar kecil dekat rumah. Namun sayang pasar kampung itu telah lama hilang ditelan jaman.
Embroidery painting that talk about my happy childhood is something I like. Remembering i bought ice "dawet" in a small market near my house almost every day. I paid him with a leaf. He was not angry because after that he went to my house and told my mother. Of course my mom paid him with the real money. But unfortunately , at this moment the village market that has been long lost age.

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