The legend of the founding of Jogyakarta

Once upon a time there was a Pekatik (one who looked for grass for the king's horse) was looking for grass in the forest side by side. He felt thirsty and tried to find available water sources, but it was difficult to find them even though he had run here and there. When he saw a flock of cranes flying somewhere. Pekatik speculates that the stork headed for a swamp or river, or at least a spring. Then he rushed to where the egret flew.

Pekatik's prediction turned out to be true, and he came to a pond where the water was clean. When he was about to drink the water, he was suddenly surprised by the appearance of a very large snake. "Hey, don't run...weed seeker!" said the dragon snake when he saw the head of Kyai Jaga who was guarding the security of this light forest. Please tell your king, if he wants to find a place for the royal capital, preferably in this place," the dragon ordered to the Pekatik.

Pekatik rushed to the Sultan and told him what had happened. At that time the Sultan was still living in a rest house or a small palace, west of the Berringan forest. Some people call it the Ambarketawang palace. Not long after, the Sultan decided to open the Berringan forest, erecting a palace complete with fort walls as a defense. The Sultan also asked to build a monument to the north of the palace, where the dragon are located.